About Us

Video Media Technologies (VMT) is the culmination of supporting professional broadcasters for three decades. The company was founded by a group of Technology Experts for the purpose of offering industry leading video transport solutions.

The VMT executive team discovered industry wide deficiencies based on available technologies, market pricing and poor customer support. VMT was founded for the sole purpose of eliminating deficiencies and providing exceptional IP-based video transport solutions.

Technology is always on the move and VMT also realizes that it is necessary to offer next generation solutions. Our technology model focuses on quality, reliability and uncompromising efforts to provide customers with efficient and cost effective solutions. When dealing with live video distribution, packet delivery guarantees are not enough to ensure complete reliability. In order to ensure “Live” uninterrupted, broadcast quality video it is necessary to control packet jitter, packet loss, and link capacity fluctuations.

VMT offers unprecedented levels of service continuity that substantially increases reliability of IP video delivery networks. The incorporation of layered transport stream technologies allows VMT to provide customers with outstanding video delivery performance. VMT solutions allow customers to utilize low-cost “Public Internet” connections to reduce the need for leased lines, satellite links and commercial fiber. The VMT success story can only be gauged by developing exceptional products and listening to our customers.