Network Scheduling & Monitoring

“Efficient Network Scheduling for a Busy World”

VMT has designed a customer network scheduling & monitoring solution that promotes minimal customer interaction.  The VMT scheduler incorporates a level of simplicity that enables customers to schedule occasional use video services with minimal effort.  Scheduling is based on network license activations and each customer license is matched to field deployed VMT hardware. The scheduling system provides customers with an efficient tool for activating occasional use or full time video services.



network scheduling & monitoring

Occasional Use (OU) Licensing

  • Single Day License: (24 Hours) at maximum allowable bitrate
  • Weekly License: 7 Days (24 Hours Per Day) at maximum allowable bitrate
  • Monthly License: (24 Hours Per Day) at maximum allowable bitrate
  • Custom (OU) Licensing: Available Upon Request

Full Time Channel Licensing 

VMT offers special pricing encentives for customers requiring full time services. Standard network support is included with all full time network scheduling & monitoring services with the option to increase support to mission critical levels.

  • Standard Network Support is included with all full time video services
  • Real Time Stream Monitoring
  • 24x7x365 Network Operations Support
  • Mission Critical Support (See a VMT Representative for Critical Support Pricing)
  • VMT Technician Dispatch to customer locations
  • VMT Network Operations Support for High Availability Configurations
  • VMT Warehouse Storage for mission critical shipments – (Customer Specific Hardware)

Transport Stream Monitoring

The VMT monitoring system provides invaluable stream information in real time.  Scheduled services are actively monitored to provide detailed transport stream statistics.  The VMT Network monitoring solution provides each customer with specific monitoring tools to quickly analyze network traffic. The network scheduling & monitoring system quickly identifies transport stream difficulties to minimize downtime.

network scheduling & monitoring

Monitoring System Benefits

  • Cuts the cost of network maintenance and support
  • Clearly indicates a stream problem
  • Lower MTTR – Higher customer satisfaction
  • Cuts the cost of network maintenance and support
  • Clearly indicates network problems
  • Straightforward indication on the network’s quality